Friday, November 27, 2015

Travel The Island Scout Reliable

This is the first tour that happen is concealed, now Scout known in the world into one of their vacation travel lovers. Tour john right part of the cluster in the constellation Thousand that is the journey that were in Jakarta. The island became tourists and foreign power in God's creation. It is undeniable tourist attraction in Indonesia Philippines most tourism many other tourist in Indonesia.

Your holiday island of school work is the administration of the District's Thousand that is choosing the best tourist spots in Malaysia. There is no Bake MX, you can Scout Island natural beauty. Where the population is inhabited by ethnic Betawi culture course there are many ethnic john there, too Banten.

SisikUntuk take the island scout very speedboat traveling with hours. Using the motor began its journey Angke port that is a boat, Village Estuary; reached the boat engine or called speedboat traveling at Marina Ancol that is nor Mr, Jaya Ancol complex. If pewisata enjoy the beauty that is you menggukana our tour you will be invited other around all the Thousand Islands. And pari john many islands, pewisata use a motorcycle taxi to go to Bake atmosphere Leaves Island - Other.
You are enjoying there with us provide you with accommodation facilities and the cheap price of the package. Prepare your agenda before the place. On any given day could overflow because the message in advance. To see a list could tour below.

Monday, November 9, 2015


With the growing popularity Thousand Islands beach resort of course this is a matter that should be improved. To further attract tourists as well as in some island that's been now, the Thousand Islands p. Moreover, today many journey that serve that's agents will access and all in the holiday, that is the route. Some interesting journey coupon agents in both and facilities.

The travels, we also have to carefully choose. Some facilities that trip is indeed that's a service agent. How is that you are not wrong in the trip could be more fun? Here are tips that you decide to travel it.

Choose a qualified travel agent
There is no such an expert is not traveling. Tour price, the simplest seen from the service, and some of the amenities offered. Whether or not travel? The first time to the island that are those people and used the services of an agent journey, of course, have to really sort out the vote. Or also from those close to ever use of the journey.

Services of the trip?
The trip is tiketed by the agent. For that includes facilities in a vacation spot, then all the facilities already mentioned is handled by travel in. Services provided, both in choosing a place to stay, use of transport went sights, and the facilities provided. Then they complain the case of this kind should also be one element to choose the best.

How big are offered
A tour directly with services and facilities but may choose which however means cheap. You must estimate the price at whatever. The price will get that is too that is facilities or facilities packets that do not match it.

In choosing a tour of some of the Thousand, and there is a picture that is not in choosing the right qualified everything.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nature Thousand Islands Jakarta Indonesia

National Marine Thousand, Thousand access core zone Travel Jakarta. Needed special permission to enter. Pemeberangkatan of Indah Kapok then Jakarta Bay john in Scouting that is anchored.

Scouting the Thousand Islands District.

Objects islands Jakarta island is inhabited by a relatively from various tribes. But there is still a large plant, its population increases. Bake different islands closest dense row of houses just like the city. Island residents also packed.
The next visit on the island of Jakarta is Grave China rangers rangers. Looks clean there and even that is During the trip, clear sea conditions. Looks white beaches, the distance and the sea of ​​trees. Will transfer a small beach that is headed, but is allowed by means of a float that is safety.

Grave beach there is also a Thousand Attractions and surfing equipment. His name is Chinese, but this island that is not makampun. This is not the supply of fresh water from other nearby islands.
Furthermore, in the Object Island West Jakarta is john East zone of the park with wkatu that is the core takes 1 hour. Visible and clear atmosphere conditions, trip. East Penjaliran not dock as Peteloran. Penjaliran be a place for the scales and mangrove forests. The island has an area of ​​14 and thicket, another dense mangrove vegetation sea kelpa sea.

There are many ways in the heading of this Island Tourism. You Tanjung Pasir, Tangerang. From there go up to Lucky Java with breadfruit. If not charge the. You also rent Island Hair that is more island- john boat that is the island. Travelling around 1.
Tanjung Priok to sea transport are 2 times a week. Saturday held marine jet foil, approximately one trip. You love adventure, departing from Angke. This place can go up timber with 20 thousand per person. This ship at 7 with a time that is wood takes about 3.

Thousand Jakarta purpose to object is to rent a wooden fishing in the estuary in Scouting. Rent per depending on the location john island destination. Relative and negotiable.
To more clearly its clik here